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Blog Post  12/5/2011

Today I am launching my new blog on cleft palate.  I am a resident medical student at Detroit Mercy hospital in that same city.  My focus is on cleft palate.  This is a birth defect that is caused by a wide range of environmental as well as hereditary factors.  Because of the scope of causes, it is largely considered unpredictable.  Fortunately, it is easily treated with a series of reconstructive surgeries.  If left untreated, cleft palate can cause a lot of problems for children and families.  Because of this, and because of how safe the procedures are, it is highly recommended that cleft palate be treated.  Any pediatrics ward in a major hospital will be able to perform the required operations, and you or your child will be ready to move on from left palate in a very short time.  Come see me at Detroit Mercy and I will personally see that you are taken well care of.